ADS Group

ADS Group is one of the fastest growing liquor conglomerate in the Indian alcobev space. With interest in Retail, Distillation, branded IMFL Category and Country Liquor and the group is known for its customer-first approach in the Indian Market.

Our belief is in providing high quality and well-engineered packaged products than the competition.

Setup by first-generation of entrepreneurs, ADS group has its roots in liquor retailing since 1998.


ADS Spirits Pvt Ltd.

ADS Spirits Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 2010 in Delhi and started its operation with state-of-the-art 60 KLPD distillation Unit and a huge bottling unit at Beri - Jhajjar Haryana in 2012.

After establishing itself as a significant player in Country Liquor Business in Haryana, company forayed into branded IMFL segment in 2013. With its unique business approach of offering high quality and good packaged products which are better Value-for- Money to consumers and a Win - Win approach with channel partners, the company rapidly commenced creating winning brands in the market.

Today the company boasts of having products in the major consumptions segments and is proud to be creator of brands like The Generation Premium Blended Whisky, Royal Green Whisky, Double Blue Whisky, Episode Whisky, High Impact Whisky, High Impact XXX Rum, Calenter VSOP Brandy & Calenter Premium Rum and Moonwalk Vodka series & Gin.

ADS Agro Pvt Ltd - Rengus - A state of the art distillery located in Rajasthan with exclusive access to top quality ground water. Its portfolio includes manufacture of the group IMFL brands, Country Liquor in various flavours and Rajasthan Made Foreign Liquor.

ADS Distilleries Pvt Ltd a sister concern unit in Uttar Pradesh Market with an impressive infrastructure of distillery and bottling plant.

ADS Group is pursuing its immediate goal to augment its existing portfolio of brands so as to cater to consumers across categories and segments. The company is also gearing up to establish its footprint across India and overseas markets. We are inspired to build and establish self-sustainable brands in every market and further harmonise our infrastructure, system and people for a profitable growth.

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Journey so far

Our Vision

ADS Spirits is committed to being the most trusted name in the Alcohol-beverage Industry, providing best-in-class products, exceptional brands and display consistent passion for quality and customer satisfaction.