Royal Green

Royal Green Whisky launched in 2014 was a runaway success with its first of its kind green bottle and superior blend quantity and it soon established itself as brand to reckon with. Crafted by our master blender for the most discerning palate, Royal Green Whisky is a carefully curated melange of the finest premium Indian Grain spirits and imported scotch malts. The scotch malts have complex notes of fruit, vanilla and a hint of spices imparted by a unique double cask maturation process. Initially in first fill Bourbon casks, and then ages gracefully in handpicked Oloroso sherry oak casks. These malts, when married with the finest Indian grain spirit, create a superlative blend. Adjudged as the fastest growing Millionaire Whisky Brand in the world in 2019, today Royal Green has set a bench mark in the Industry for other brands to follow. Today this brand is available in 21 States and will soon have Pan India national and overseas presence.

Tasting Notes

An Initial note of freshly cut grass, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Malt on the nose. Medium bodied with hints of Fruits, Vanilla and touch of oak on the palate. The finish is medium in length and spicy to peaty to the end.

Pack Sizes

750 ml 375 ml 180 ml 90 ml

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Today the company boasts of having products across categories in the major consumptions segments and is proud to be creator of highly successful brands.