It was October 2014 when Episode XXX Rum was first introduced to the Indian markets. Indian Made Foreign Liquor will not be the same if we do not talk about the iconic rums that this country has produced and our blend is right at the top of that list, next to some global icons.

The Episode


Whether on a cold, chilly night or in a chilled XXX rum based cocktail, Episode XXX Rum can be enjoyed in various ways. All that you need to do is to get out there and try it to discover how you like it most.

Episode Deluxe XXX Rum is a full bodied rum made out of best quality spirits blended to perfection and satisfaction having a relishing taste with a tint of vanillin and sweetness to satisfy the costumer’s palate.


Traditionally perceived to be a soldier’s drink of choice, Episode Rum finds admiration in the hands of all those in cold climate. A drink that brings instant flavour as well as a sense of warmth to the lips of the drinker, if you are a lover of Indian Rum, you must try our edition of it.