Moonwalk Gin was launched in April 2014 and received a rapturous response from Indian connoisseurs of the finest spirits. The success and demand caused the distillation team at ADS Spirits to launch Moonwalk Apple Vodka in August 2014 followed by the original Russian-origin Moonwalk Vodka in August 2015.



While there are whisky lovers and beer lovers, there are also many admirers of clear spirits. Moonwalk is our presentation clear spirits in three magnificent flavors. Moonwalk Gin and Moonwalk Vodka are our original offerings to make wonderful cocktails and Moonwalk Apple Vodka.

Moonwalk is the premium gin and vodka flavour made after the most stringent distillation processes done in our own facilities. Available in most of the major markets in India, Moonwalk is the most loved spirit brand in its league. If you enjoy spirits that are properly distilled, filtered and flavoured, you will love the Moonwalk range.


Cocktail lovers rejoice as the key ingredient to a good vodka or gin based cocktail is the spirit that is added to be the alcoholic base for other fruit-based flavours. Moonwalk Gin, Vodka and Apple Vodka have been used in many bars and pubs as the base of choice.